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Question;Or You can access The;Discovering Psychology video series on the internet for free!;1.;Go;2.;Click on the blue tab;near the top that reads ?view programs?;3.;Many film series will;be listed. They are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to Discovering;Psychology: Updated Edition. Click on it.;4.;All 26 episodes from;the series are listed in order. Double click on the box that says ?VoD? next to;the episode you wish to view. That?s it!;Type 1 page for each ? hour video unit where you submit;bullets outlining the content of each ? hour lecture (not more than one page in;length);ANSWER ALL LEARNING OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS FROM THE;ATTACHED/ENCLOSED PACKET(state each question before each of your responses.;Make sure you cite page;references from the text for each of your answers).;ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS CAN BE FOUND IN VIDEO AND TEXT INSIDE;FRONT AND BACK COVER OF TEXT WILL TELL YOU WHAT CHAPTERS CORRELATE WITH WHICH;VIDEOS).;THE COVER PAGE SHOULD INCLUDE YOUR NAME, DATE, VIDEO NUMBERS;AND A NUMBER YOU CAN BE REACHED.;Objectives 1;After viewing the;television program and completing the assigned readings, you should be able to;1. Define Psychology.;2. Distinguish between the micro, molecular, and macro levels of;analysis.;3. Describe the major goals of psychology.;4. Describe what psychologists do and give some examples of the;kinds of questions they may be interested in investigating.;5. Summarize the history of the major theoretical approaches to;psychology.;6. Describe seven current psychological perspectives.;7. Describe how the concerns of psychologists have evolved with;the larger culture.;Objectives 2;After viewing the;television program and completing the assigned readings, you should be able to;1. Explain the concept of observer bias and cite some techniques;experimenters use to eliminate personal bias.;2. Define placebo effect and explain how it might be avoided.;3. Define reliability and validity and explain the difference;between them.;4. Describe various psychological measurement techniques, such;as self report, behavioral, and physiological measures.;5. Define correlational methods and explain why it does not;establish a cause-and-effect relationship.;6. Summarize the American Psychological Association?s ethical;guidelines for the treatment of humans and animals in psychological;experiments, and explain why they are necessary.;7. Discuss some ways to be a wiser consumer of research.;8. Describe how a hypothesis leads to a particular experimental;design.;9. Discuss how job burnout develops, how it can be studied, and;how psychologists can intervene to prevent or combat it.


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