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Question;Week One ?Checkpoint: Testing a Theory Grading RubricDue Date: Day 5 ? FridayWhere: Assignment LinkWord Count: 200-300 wordsPoint Value: 50 pointsResource:Module 4 ofPsychology and Your LifeWritea200- to 300-word summary describing a time when youhad to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work,school, or at home.Answerthe following questionsin your summary:What type of informal research method did you use?How was your research method similar to research methodsused by psychologists?If given another opportunity, what would you have donedifferently?Describe one ethical issue mentioned in the text thatyou have encountered. Why is informed consent necessary for ethicalresearch?Submityour answers as a Microsoft? Wordattachment, along with your Certificate of Orginality as a separate Wordattachment.Checkpoint: Testing a Theory


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