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Question;Research the role of cultural norms in identifying mental disorders. Based onyour research, respond to the following:Why is culture an important consideration in the interview, assessment, anddiagnostic process?How might your own cultural, ethnic, or family values, rules, or traditionsbe misinterpreted as "abnormal" by someone from a dissimilar background? Giveexamples in your answer.Please keep in mind the role of culture when considering the best treatmentapproach for mental illness For example, I was raised in a working class family in which an unwritten rulewas to avoid discussing concerns of the family with individuals outside of thefamily unit. It would be necessary to be aware of such a working-class tendencyif providing family therapy in a clinical environment.please consider this resourse as addtional to help respond to this assignment: National Alliance of Mental Illness (2011).Multicultural Action Center.Retrieved from: Respond in 4 paragraghs use only scholorly resourses and no abstract articals for use as resourses.


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