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Following completion of your weekly readings, read ?Are You Sure It?s Fat Free??




Question;Following completion of your weekly readings;read ?Are You Sure It?s Fat Free?? on page 236 of Mathematics in Our World.;Gather three of your favorite packaged foods, perhaps one from each: breakfast;lunch and dinner. Use the model explained in the ?Are You Sure It?s Fat Free??;to analyze, through the mathematical formula explained, the fat content and;protein content from your foods. To analyze the protein content use;4 calories per gram of protein, rather than the 9 calories for grams of;fat.;The assignment must include (a) all math work required to answer;the problems as well as (b) introduction;and conclusion paragraphs.;Your introduction should include three to five;sentences of general information about the topic at hand.The body must contain a restatement of the problems and;all math work, including the steps and formulas used to solve the;problems.


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