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Question;1.;Sailing AwayYour boat is traveling;parallel to the shoreline at a speed of "s" miles per hour.;Up ahead is a;lighthouse located on the shoreline.;Verbally describe how;you can determine the distance the boat will be from the light house in one;hour. You may assume you have a compass and a watch available.;In addition, you may;work with the term "bearings" in your description.;2.;Answer each of the;following questions. You must provide detailed work illustrating how you;arrived at your solution.;i) To determine the;distance between two aircraft, a tracking station continuously determines the;distance to each aircraft and the angle between them (see figure). Determine;the distance a between the planes when A = 20?,b = 40 miles and c = 18 miles.;ii) To approximate the;length of a marsh, a surveyor walks 260 meters from point A to point B, then;turns 73? and walks 215 meters to point C (see figure). Approximate the length;of AC the marsh.;iii) The course for a;boat race starts at point A and proceeds to point B, then to point C, and;finally back to A, as shown in Figure below. Point C lies 8 kilometers directly;south of point A. Approximate the total distance of the race course.


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