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10 probalitity Questions




Question;1. Determine the probability of;getting ?3? on one roll of a fair six-faced die: the odds of getting ?3? on one;roll of a fair six-sided die: the mathematical relation of ?probability that an;event will occur? to the ?odds that an event will occur? (if you think there;is one, if you don?t, state ?No relation?) Answers: a. P(E) =;b. Odds of E = ________________ c.;2.Players of the ?Zuper-Zillions?;lottery in the country of Urkashizmein pay;1 bog for a ticket that lets them select 5 non-repeating numbers from 1 to 29;followed by one ?Z-bolt? number between 1 and 36. The current ?Zuper-Zillions?;jackpot is 680 million bogs. What is the probability of correctly guessing all;6 values with just one;ticket? Answer;3. Evaluate: a. P_12,5;b. C_12,5 ___________________ 4. Because of limited;funding, General Cybernetic Corporation will choose;4 computer hardware assembly plants;out of 7 existing ones (plants ?A? through ?G?) for modernization, and the;remaining 3 will be closed. All factors affecting plant selection are equal, so;the choice will be random. What is the probability that plants A, C, E, and G;are selected for modernization?. Answer;5. ?Does It Pay to Plead Guilty? Differential Sentencing and the Functioning of;the Criminal Courts? (Brereton & Casper, Law and Society Review, Vol. 16;No. 1, 1982, pp 45-70) describes a study of 1028 defendants? criminal court;cases from 3 California;jurisdictions. The following results were recorded: Guilty Plea G Not Guilty;Plea G? Totals Sentenced to Prison P 392 58 450 Not Sentenced to Prison P? 564;14 578 Totals###-##-####What is the probability that the defendant is not;sentenced to prison, given;that the plea entered is ?guilty?? Answer: ____________________________ Are the;events ?not guilty plea? and ?not sentenced to prison? independent? Explain why;or why not. * * * * * * * * * * * * *;6. A fair die is rolled 4 times.;What is the probability of;rolling a ?3? on the 4th roll, given that a ?3? turned up on the 3 preceding;rolls? Answer;7. Eleven precision parts, including?;3 that are substandard, are shipped to a;final assembly plant. The plant will select 4 at random;for compliance testing and return the entire shipment if 1 or more of the parts;are found to be substandard. What is the probability that the shipment of parts;will be returned? Answer;8. Our classmate Abdoulaye Ouattara is now a;big-time international financier. He?s organizing the World Food Program 2015;development seminar in April, 2015 in Smallville, Michiconsin. Estimates are;that Abdoulaye could raise $900,000 if it doesn?t snow during the 4-day seminar;but only $180,000;if it does. The National Weather Service says there is a 0.35 probability of;snow during the seminar timeframe. Acme Insurance has offered to insure;Abdoulaye?s development seminar for $450,000 against snow for a premium of;$90,000. Should he buy the policy??????;Your answer MUST be supported by mathematical analysis of the probabilities and;expected;9. One;thousand raffle tickets for a values (show your work!!). library fundraiser are sold at $1.00 each.;Three tickets will be drawn at random (without replacement);and each will pay $200.00. You decide to buy 10 tickets. Create a payoff table;for 0, 1, 2, and 3 winning tickets among the 10 tickets you bought (if you do;not have any winning tickets, you lose $10, if you have 1 winning ticket, you;net $190 since your initial;$10 won?t be returned to you, and so on). Insert a table or draw your own. What;is the expected value of the raffle to you? Answer;10. From;a survey involving 1000 car commuters, a market research company found that 600;listen to news, 500 listen to music, and 300 listened to both news AND music.;If a commuter is selected at random, what is the empirical probability that;he/she listens to NEITHER? Answer


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