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Question;5. A password consists of three letters;(out of 26 letters, not case sensitive) followed by four digits (from 0 to 9.);Repeats are allowed. What is the probability that somebody will be able to;guess the password by randomly forming the password from the above choices?;6. A card is randomly drawn from a;well shuffled regular deck of 52 cards. a) What is the probability that the;card drawn is a heart? b) What is the probability that the card drawn is a;King?;7. A five member committee is;selected randomly from a group of 8 men and 12 women. a) Find the probability;that all of the selected members are men. b) Find the probability that out of;the five selected members 2 are men and 3 are women.;8. In a certain region, 91% of the;people can speak English, 44% can speak Spanish, and 40% can Speak both English;and Spanish. One person is randomly selected from this region. Use Venn;Diagrams to a) Find the probability that the selected person can speak only one;of the language from out of English and Spanish. b) Find the probability that;the selected person can speak neither of the two languages (English or;Spanish.) c) Find the probability that the selected the person can speak;English but not Spanish. d) Find the probability that the selected person can;speak English, given that the person can speak Spanish.;9. A strabismus surgery has a;probability of 0.9 of success in the first attempt and a probability of 0.98 of;success in the second attempt. Use the techniques of tree diagrams to find the;probability the probability that the surgery will be successful within two;attempts. (round four digits after the decimal);10. A game charges $1.00 to play and;pays $4.00 if a card drawn from a well shuffled deck such as above is a face;card (Jack, Queen or King), other wise the the player loses the money. Find;the expected value of the gain for this player. fill the following table to;answer this question;Outcome;Gain;Probability;Face Card;$4-$1=$3;No Face Card;$0-$1=?$1


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