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MATH-Sketch and find the sum of the vectors a,b = (?1,4), and c = 3 i? 2 j, where??




Question;1. Sketch and find the sum of the vectors a,b = (?1,4), and c = 3 i? 2 j, where????a has the representation as the directed line segment AB with A = (3,?1) and B = (4, 2).2.Find2a?3b,||a||,and||a?b||,wherea=(?1,2)andb=(?4,3).3.Find a unit vector that has the same direction as v = 8 i? j + 4k.? ??4.Find a vector in the direction of (?2, 4, 2) with a length of 6.5.Find the magnitude of the resultant force and the angle it makes with the positivex?axis due to the sum of a 40 lb force that is 30 deg from the positive x?axis and a20 lb force that is 45 deg below the positive x?axis.6.What is the angle between a = i + 3 j and the positive direction of the x?axis??? ?7.What is the length of the vector a? R5, with a = (?1,3,2,0,4).8.A woman walks due west on the deck of a ship at 3 mi/h. The ship is movingnorth at 22 mi/h. Find the speed and direction of the woman relative to the surfaceof the water.9.Find the unit vectors that are parallel to the tangent line to the parabola y = x2 atthe point (2, 4).10.Consider the vectors a = (3, 2), b = (2,?1), and c = (7, 1).(a) Sketch the vectors.(b) Show in the sketch that there are scalars s and t such that c = sa + tb.(c) Use the sketch to estimate s and t. (d) Find the exact values of s and t.


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