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Question;1. ____ A college administrator is concerned over stories that the overall average grade for all college students in the U.S. is not 75%. Assuming the administrator took a random sample and wanted to perform a test, which of the following statements is true.a. The null hypothesis should state that H0: u = 75, while the alternate hypothesis should be Ha: u 75b. It is a two tailed test where the null hypothesis states H 0: u = 75 and the alternate hypothesis states that Ha: u 75d. The null and alternate hypothesis cannot be determined.2. ____ The average cost of tuition, room and board at small private liberal arts colleges is reported to be$8,500 per term, but a financial administrator believes that the average cost is higher. A study conductedusing 150 small liberal arts colleges showed that the average cost per term is $8,745 with a standarddeviation of $1,200. Let = 0.05. What is the null and alternative hypotheses for this study?a. Null: = $8,745, alternative: > $8,745b. Null: = $8,745, alternative: $8,500d. Null: = $8,500, alternative: < $8,5003.A)B)C)D)____ In the regression equation, what does the letter "b" represent?Y interceptSlope of the lineAny value of the independent variable that is selectedValue of Y when X=04. ____ Which is not a step in hypothesis testing?a. compute the test statisticsb. determine the decision rulec. write the null hypothesisd. compute the population mean5. ____ The ANOVA test is used when:a. N<120b. population standard deviation is knownc. there are more than two groups of datad. the correlation coefficient is greater than.86. ____ The degrees of freedom in the single sample t test for is calculated by:a. N-1b. square root of the meanc. Nd. s27. ____ Your decision was to reject the null hypothesis and the correct decision was to reject the null hypothesis.Which describes your decision?a. Type I errorb. p = beta ()c. Type II errord. p = 1 - beta ()8.____ In ANOVA, the null hypothesis is:A)B)C)D)Ho: 21 = 22= 23Ho: 21 22 23Ho: 1 = 2= 3Ho: 1 2 29. ____ What is the chart called when the paired data (the dependent and independent variables) are plotted?A) Scatter diagramB) Bar chartC) Pie chartD) Histogram10. ____ What condition would need to be present to prevent you from conducting a t test for the difference of pairedscores?a. unequal ns in the variablesb. having the same person before and afterc. the means of the two groups be different from each otherd. degrees of freedom greater than 12011. Aircraft tires were examined to see their temperature after landing and breaking. New were developed todecrease the amount of heat retained. The same aircraft were used with the left wheel having the old tireand the right wheel with the new tire, with both tires flown at the same time. Test to see if there is adifference in tire temperatures. (show all steps of hypothesis testing)Old tire190140210105175200161New Tire198130185106170180140Use the below information for the next question.The table below shows the gender and the percentage of each gender that spent different amounts at local toy store.Male shopperFemale shopper0- to $2018 %$20 to $5049%62%Greater than $5033%18%12. Test at the.05 if there is significant difference between the proportions of shoppers. (show all steps of hypothesis testing)Use the following information to answer the next 2 questions.One of several aircraft manufactures of fuel parts claims that their part will withstand heat temperatures below the mean temperature of all other manufactures combined. The means temperature of all manufactures is -30 degrees.13. What test would be used?14. What is the null and alternative hypothesis?15. What happens to type I error if multiple t tests are done rather than ANOVA?16. Complete the below tableSource of VariationSSBetween Groups Within Groups19138.61538731916.4615dfMSF236Total17. A manufacturer is testing the days it takes for a new synthetic rubber seal to breakdown at different temperatures.They believe that it takes less number of days at a temp of 250 degrees to fail. Test this hypothesis using all the steps of hypothesis testing using a level of significance of.05. (show all steps of hypothesis testing)Temp15047101318212224Temp20028111217192023Temp2501356945618. Suppose the least squares regression equation is Y' = 1202 + 1,133X. When X = 3, what does Y' equal?For next 4 questions, use this information: A very weird professor wants to see the effect of studying has on test scores. He surveyed a group of students on their study time and compared it to the test scores. Theinformation is below.HoursTeststudyingscore314223341448246247648719. For the data, would you reject or retain the null hypothesis with alpha =.05?20. What is the value of the slope?21. Write out the entire regression equation22. Predict the test score would someone expect to receive if they studied for 5 hours.


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