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Linear Regression Model Problem




Question;Using the following equation and table, compose a Word document that answers the following questions:Equation 1y =?0 +??iXi +?ITable 1X Y1.00 1.002.00 2.003.00 1.504.00 3.655.00 2.25How would you describe the function of a generalized linear regression model?How is linear regression useful?Consider the general equation for a linear model, equation 1, describe the relationship between X and Y.List and briefly describe the 3 types of linear regression.List some of the ways Multivariate linear regression of your data are useful?What is the role of a scattergram?How do you analyze the relationship between the predictor X and the dependent variable Y?For simple linear regression there is only one predictor, variable X, when X is plotted against Y (response variable) they fit a straight line. Look at the data in table 1, predict whether the relationship between X and Y is positive or negative.


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