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Southern New Hampshire Univ QSO 510: Module 1 Assignment




Question;QSO 510: Module 1Notes: This homework is to be done individually. Word-process your assignment within this template.Do not create a new file.Problem 1: Using SymbolsWord-process the symbol for population standard deviation (sigma) in the space below:= Standard DeviationUsing SubscriptsWord-process the symbol for population standard deviation with subscript x (sigma subscript x) in thespace below:(x)Using EquationsWord-process the following five equations:Using Drawing Tool to Create DiagramsSuppose in a large department store, the average number of shoppers is 448, with a standard deviation of21 shoppers. We are interested in the probability that a random sample of 49 different shoppers will yielda sample mean between 441 and 446 shoppers. Create and attach a normal curve to this document withthe following elements: the normal curve, a label of the average number of shoppers, and labels for thesample means of 441 and 446 shoppers. Include all the appropriate symbols.Problem 2: Descriptive StatisticsThe monthly average low temperatures* during different months of year at Manchester, NH are givenbelow:JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune5818294050JulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember555344322412Source: your solutions and answers below. Copy and paste your Excel work under theappropriate question below. Expand the space as necessary.a) Find the mean yearly low temperature based on the monthly averages by applying the formulas(without using computer software).b) Find the standard deviation of the monthly low temperatures by applying the formulas (withoutusing computer software).c) If the above data was a sample, what would be the sample standard deviation? Compute byapplying the formulas (without using computer software).d) Copy and paste the data from this document to Excel. Use functions in Excel to compute themean, population standard deviation and sample standard deviation. Copy and paste your spreadsheetwork into this Word document.e) Create a histogram using MS Excel. Comment on the distribution of monthly low temperatures.Copy and paste your spreadsheet work into this Word document. Hint: use 9, 19, 29, 39, 49 for thebins.


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