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Question;Consumer Credit;1. Critique the use of bank debit cards. Bank debit cards are becoming a popular;alternative to using checks or credit cards. Investigate the advantages and;disadvantages of using a bank debit card and answer the questions below.;Here are some ideas to consider in your investigation;convenience to account holders?float? timerecord of transactionsfinancial privacy/safetycard loss/theft liabilitycheckbook balancingvendor acceptanceusage fees by banksusage fees by vendorsease of administration by banksease of administration by vendorsWhere did you get your information?;Was it the most reliable resource? Why or why not?How could you have improved the reliability of your resource?How has technology, such as online banking, affected these aspects?;Discuss any pros and cons about the affects of technology on the aspects;of reliability.;2. Your textbook defines an installment loan as a ?loan with regular payments?;(Cleaves, Hobbs, & Noble, 2014, page 428). Search the internet to find an;article or application of a type of installment loan that you find interesting;that you encounter on a daily basis or that you find in your profession. Present;this article or application to the class and explain why you chose the example.;Find the amount financed, the installment price, and the finance charge of the;installment loan. Include the URL for the site you used. Do not copy the text in;the site verbatim. You should summarize your findings.


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