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Question;Descriptive Stats: ETHICS and;Workplace Applications (graded);Statistics in Action Case "Factors That;Influence a Doctor to Refuse Ethics Consultation;Before getting into analyzing the data, let?s;consider the question of the pros and cons of doctors using ethics;consultations with doctors, and other ethicists, trained to think and provide;advice on ethical issues in healthcare. Take a look on the Internet, or in the;Keller Graduate School online library, to find an article or articles on this;issue. What is your view? Do you have any personal experiences you are comfortable;sharing about medical ethical issues you and your family and/or friends have;confronted?;Week 2 discussion;Case: Let's Make a Deal;(graded);A number of years ago, there was a popular;television game show called Let's Make a Deal. The host, Monty Hall, would;randomly select contestants from the audience and, as the title suggests, he;would make deals for prizes. Contestants would be given relatively modest;prizes and then would be offered the opportunity to risk that prize to win;better ones.;Suppose you are a contestant on this show. Monty;has just given you a free trip worth $500 to a locale that is of little;interest to you. He now offers you a trade: Give up the trip in exchange for a;gamble. On the stage are three curtains, A, B, and C. Behind one of them is a;brand-new car worth $45,000. Behind the other two curtains, the stage is empty.;You decide to gamble and give up the trip. (The;trip is no longer an option for you.) You must now select one of the curtains.;Suppose you select Curtain A.;In an attempt to make things more interesting;Monty then exposes an empty stage by opening Curtain C (he knows that there is;nothing behind Curtain C). He then asks you if you want to keep Curtain A, or;switch to Curtain B.;What would you do?;Hint: Questions to consider are: What is the;probability of winning and the probability of losing the car prior to opening;Curtain C? What is the probability of winning and the probability of losing the;car after Curtain C is opened? What is your best strategy?;Week 3 discussion;Ethics;in Statistics: Readings and Discussion (graded);Why;is it important to study ethics in statistics? Have you seen statistics;misused? Without naming specific companies or people, can you provide;examples?Please;find (on the Internet or from the Keller library) and post an article;regarding ethics and statistics. Please attach the article, or provide its;link in your post, together with a brief summary of the article in your;own words. Be sure to use quotation marks around any words taken directly;from the article (not to do so constitutes ?plagiarism?). Then, in a;separate post, review one or more articles posted by other students and;provide the other student or students with your reflections (don?t just agree;or disagree).;Week 4 discussion;Case;Statistics in Action: Medicare Fraud Investigations (graded);Read the selection in your;textbook pertaining to the Case: Statistics in Action: Medicare Fraud;Investigations, load the data set for the case, MCFRAUD, into Minitab, answer;the question about the case in the Discussion area, and likewise read and respond;to the follow-on selections in the textbook for the case in the Statistics in;Action Revisited.;What is a point estimate of the mean overpayment?;Week 5 discussion;Case;Statistics in Action: Diary of a Kleenex User (graded);Read the selection in your;text book pertaining to the Case: Statistics in Action: Diary of a Kleenex?User, load the data set for the case;TISSUES, into Minitab, answer the question about the case in the Discussion;area, and likewise read and respond to the follow-on selections in the textbook;for the case in the Statistics in Action Revisited.;How would you briefly summarize the case, and the data that was;generated?;Week 6discussion;Case;Statistics in Action: Legal Advertising?Does It Pay? (graded);Read the Case: Statistics In;Action: Legal Advertising?Does It Pay?;and answer the following questions. (The case is included in your textbook;Chapter 10.) The data set for the case study is LEGALADV, and it is available;in your textbook resources, so you don't have to enter the data!;Summarize what the case is about, and what the variables;represent.;Week 7 discussion;Case;Statistics in Action: Bid-Rigging in the Highway Construction Industry;(graded);Read the Case: Statistics in;Action: Bid-Rigging in the Highway Construction Industry, in Chapter 11 of your;textbook, and answer the following questions. The data set, FLAG, for the case;study is available in the publisher?s website, so you don?t need to enter the;data into Minitab by hand.;What is this case about? Describe the key variables.;Week 8 discussion


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