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Question;Project #2:Use the template to create your own linear programming problem based on a small business model. Edit the problem provided by filling in information about your selected small business and then solve the problem you have created.The submission link is located in Unit 8.College Algebra Project #2 TEMPLATEGrading Rubric:PartProject ComponentPoints1Word Problem: includes a business name, product, component, and reasonable values22Objective Function13Constraints: includes inequality statements24Graph (hand-drawn or electronically generated)25Vertices26Optimization1You Are a Business Owner;(not a bakery);You;will use the model below to generate your own linear programming problem.;Formulate your own small business scenario and insert the criteria into the ?indicated fields?. Then use the steps;outlined below to show your work and solve the newly created problem.PROBLEM:Jewelry Shop;We have a jewelry designer business where we make earrings;and necklaces. These jewelry is sold to a small local boutique. The boutique;will buy between 10 and 40 necklaces each week. The local boutique buys at;least twice the number of earrings as necklaces from our shop. We have a small;shop and can make at most 50 pieces of jewelry per week. The necklaces are sold;at a profit of $25 each piece and the earrings make a profit of $10 each piece;for us. How many necklaces and how many earrings should we sell to the local;boutique to maximize our profit each week?="margin:>


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