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Question;On the provided answer sheet indicate the correct answer (A, B, C, or D).Use the following sample data to answer questions 1 through 4:-1, 0, 2, 3, 7, 10, 101.The mean, X, of the data above is (to the nearest 1/10)a. 8.3b. 9.0c. 9.4d. answer not listed2.The median of the data above isa. 5.0b. 7.1c. 10.0d. answer not listedThe mode of the data above isa. 8.3b. 10c. 31d. answer not listed3.4.The standard deviation of the data above is (to the nearest 1/10)a. 5.0b. 5.3c. 6.3d. answer not listedThe table below shows the frequency distribution for 10 students on a test with amaximum score of 12. Use these sample data to answer questions 5 through 7:Score1-34-67-910 - 12Frequency4321MidpointMidpoint xFrequencyMidpoint squared xFrequencyTotals5.The mean score, X, of the data in the frequency distribution above is (to thenearest 1/10)a. 5.06.c. 5.4d. Answer not listedThe standard deviation of the scores in the frequency distribution aboveis (to the nearest 1/10)a. 1.87.b. 5.3b. 3.0c. 3.2d. Answer not listedThe median score lies in which score interval?a. 1 3b. 4 6c. 7 - 9d. 10 - 128.A delivery truck must make stops in eight different cities, designatedby the first letter in the name of the city: A, B, C, D, E, F, G,and H. If the order in which the truck visits theeight locations is chosen randomly, what is theprobability that it willvisit them in alphabetical order?a.9.b.18P8c.18C 8d. Answer not listedA jar contains 12 marbles, 5 of which are blue and 7 of which are red.If 4 marbles are chosen at random and without replacement, what isthe probability of selecting 3 blue ones and 1 red one?a.10.C18P185C3 7C1b.12 C45P3 7 P1c.12 P45C2 7 P2d. Answer not listed12Suppose that P (A | B) = P (A), P (A and B) =.36, and P (A) =.9. Whatis P (B)?a. 0.004b. 0.04c. 0.4d. Answer not listedTHIS SPACE LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANKFor questions 11 through 13 use the table immediately below. The table shows thenumber of students who are taking a statistics course in the traditional face-to-facemode versus online by sex. Assume one person is chosen at random from the 220.MaleFemaleTotals11.12.13.Online304070Traditional6090150Totals90130220If a student taking the course online is chosen at random, theprobability that the person is male is791a.b.c.d. Answer not listed22223If a male is chosen at random, the probability that he is taking thecourse in the traditional mode is722a.b.c.d. Answer not listed2235The events of choosing a male and taking a the course online area. independent events,b. dependent events,c. mutually exclusive events,d. none of the above***********************************************************************14.Acme Airlines flies airplanes that seat 12 passengers. Fromexperience, they have learned that, on average, 80%of the passengers holding reservations for a particular flightactuallyshow up for the flight. If they book 13 passengers for aflight, what isthe probability that 12 or fewer passengersholding reservations willactually show up for the flight?a.less than 90%b. between 90 and 95%, inclusivec.more than 95%d. cannot be determined frominformation given15.What is the minimum percentage of data in any frequencydistribution that lies within 3 standard deviations of its mean?a.b.75%c.16.67%%d.answer not listed.Let X be a normally distributed random variable with = 100 and= 10. The probability that X is between 70 and 110 is (to thenearest whole percent)a. 8 %17.b. 84 %c. 95%d. answer not listedIf events A and B are complementary events, each with non-zero probability,thena. A and B are mutually exclusiveb. A and B are independentc.d.18.both (a) and (b)neither (a) nor (b)If A and B are independent events thena. P (A or B) = P(A) + P (B)b. P (A and B) = P (A) P (B)c. both (a) and (b)d. neither (a) nor (b)19.In selecting a sample from a population for the purpose of making aninference from the sample about the population, it is importanta. that the sample be chosen randomlyb. that the sample have a minimum size of n = 30c. both (a) and (b)d. neither (a) nor (b)20.If a population is normal, then a distribution of sample means(of constant sample size n) from the population of will satisfywhich of the following?a. X =b. X =Xnc. X =Xnd. X =21.XnXnLet a random sample be taken of size n = 100 from a population with knownstandard deviation of = 20. Suppose that the mean of the sample is X = 37. The approximate 95% confidence interval for the mean,, of thepopulation from which the sample was drawn isa. 9 65b. 33 41c. 35 39d. 3 7722.Among 100 people randomly chosen in a survey, exactly 10 stated that theybelieved that the elected representatives are honest most of the time. Theapproximate 99% confidence interval for the percentage of the populationwho believe that such people are honest most of the time isa..02 p.18b..04 p.16c..8 p 1.2d. 0.16 p.4023.Let X a random variable representing the sum of n trials. Then X isa binomial random variable if all of the following are satisfied excepta. the number of trials is finiteb. p, the probability of "success" is different for all trailsc. each trial has exactly two possible outcomesd. the trials are independent24.Each of the following is a measure of center excepta. the meanb. the medianc. the standard deviationd. the mode25.A sample is necessarily random ifa. the sample is chosen without replacement from the populationb. the sample is chosen with replacement from the populationc. each member of the population had an equally likely chance of beingchosen for the sampled. none of the above


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