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You are the member of a local board who has been assisting low income families.




Question;You are the member of a local board who has been assisting low income families. You organization has traditionally, rented properties in the community to make available to low income families, but because interest rates are so low, you have been pushing your organization to actually buy several homes. They are reluctant, so you must make your case that there has never been a better time to buy.You have assembled the following data and will perform the following statistical analyses to make your case.1. Calculate the mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation and skewness.2. Construct the 95% confidence interval.3. How many standard deviations below the mean is the rate for 2013?4. What is the trend in the data?5. Using the data, predict what the interest rate is likely to be by 2015. Explain.Prepare and explain your calculations. Use the evidence to write a paper to persuade the board that there never has been and it is likely that there never will be, a better time to finance the purchase of homes.FRED Graph Observations;Federal;Reserve Economic Data;Link;;Help;;Economic;Research Division;Federal;Reserve Bank of St. Louis;MORTG;Frequency: Annual;observation_date;MORTG;2004;5.84;2005;5.87;2006;6.41;2007;6.34;2008;6.04;2009;5.04;2010;4.69;2011;4.46;2012;3.66;2013;3.98


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