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Question;Directions;?;In;this project you will be using the States;Datafile that is found in Doc Sharing under the Instructor-Graded Projects;?;Steps;for accessing the States Data file;1.;Open;your Excel with PhStat2;2.;Click;File?Open;3.;Select;the States Data file;?;Not;all questions require the use of technology or the States Date file.;?;You may insert your answers, including any charts, graphs, or;output, on this document.;?;Be sure to put your name on this document and save it to your;computer.;1.;Allen Machines specializes in developing weed-harvesting equipment that is used;to clear small lakes of weeds. Allen;Machines is contemplating the construction of a machine that would harvest;weeds on narrow rivers and waterways.;The activities and time in weeks necessary to build one of these;experimental machines are shown in the table below.;Activity;Immediate;Predecessors;Time in;Weeks;A;none;6;B;none;5;C;A;3;D;A;2;E;B;4;F;B;6;G;C,E;10;H;D,F;7;1.What;is the minimum possible time required for completing the project?;2.What;is the latest possible time that Activity D may be started without delaying the;completion of the project?;3.What;is the latest finish time for Activity F?;4.What;is/are the critical path(s)?;2. The;following is the activity and associated costs for the renovation of the local;high school football stadium. The times are in weeks.;Activity;Immediate;Predecessor;Time;Cost ($);A;-;4;25,000;B;-;5;30,000;C;A;3;15,000;D;B;8;50,000;E;B;2;12,000;F;C, D;3;15,000;G;C, D;7;46,000;H;E, F;2;20,000;1.What;is the critical path for this project?;2.How;much of the total budget would be spent in Week 8 (Period 8) with the earliest;start budget?;3.;Precision Manufacturing has a government contract to produce stainless steel;rods for use in military aircraft. Each;rod is required to be 20 millimeters in diameter. Each hour, random samples of;size n = 4 rods are measured to check process control. Five hours of;observations yielded the following;Diameter;Time;Rod 1;Rod 2;Rod 3;Rod 4;9 A.M.;19.8;20.4;19.9;20.3;10 A.M.;20.1;20.2;19.9;19.8;11 A.M.;19.9;20.5;20.3;20.1;Noon;19.7;19.8;20.3;20.2;1 P.M.;19.7;20.1;19.9;19.9;1.Construct;the xbar-chart and the R-chart.;2.Is;the process in control?;4.;Modern Electronics specializes in manufacturing modern electronic;components. It also builds the equipment;that produces the components. Modern;Electronics is considering building a new facility but the estimated profits;would be impacted by the type of market that develops. The probability for a strong market is 0.3;for a fair market is 0.5, and for a poor market is 0.2. You are responsible for;advising the president of Modern Electronics on the type facility that should;be built or to not build a facility at all.;The table shows the estimated profits under each market and for each;size facility.;Estimated;Profits;Strong;Market;Fair;Market;Poor;Market;Build a large;facility;550,000;110,000;-310,000;Build a medium-size;facility;300,000;129,000;-100,000;Build a small;facility;200,000;100,000;-32,000;Do not build a;facility;0;0;0;1.Provide;a recommendation to the president that maximizes profits;2.Provide;a second recommendation to the president that minimizes regret.;5.;Consulting income at Kaplan Associates for the period February ? July is shown;in the table below. Assume that the;initial forecast for February is $65,000. Use Exponential smoothing to;forecast August?s income.;Month;Income;($1,000);February;70.0;March;68.5;April;64.8;May;71.7;June;71.3;July;72.8;1.Use;a smoothing constant of? = 0.2.;2.Use;a smoothing constant of? = 0.5.;3.Which;forecasting constant is best in this situation?;6.;Johnson Construction Company is in the process of installing power lines to a;large housing development. The company wants to minimize the total length of;wire used, which would minimize the company?s cost. The housing development is;shown below. Each house has been;numbered, and the distances between houses are given in hundreds of feet.;1.What;do you recommend to Johnson Construction Company?;7. The;storm drains in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have been upgraded following the;devastating floods of 2008. The network of storm drains and the capacities are;shown below. Determine the maximum flow;(in hundreds of gallons of water per minute) from node 1 to node 5.;Remember that the arc has both capacity and reverse capacity.;From;Node;To;Node;Fluid;Flow;1;2;250;2;1;100;1;3;100;3;1;150;1;4;400;4;1;400;1;5;150;5;1;200;2;4;300;4;2;200;3;4;250;4;3;300;3;5;300;5;3;250;4;5;300;5;4;0;8.;From the States Data Set the;following output for the Income in 2000 and for the Income in 2010 was created.;1.Which;variable has the greatest relative variation?;9.You are a;consultant working for Kaplan Consulting. The U.S. Department of Labor has;requested assistance in evaluating the impact of economic stimulus on the;unemployment rate. From the States Data;Setthe following t test was conducted to answer the question;?Has there been a significant reduction;in the national unemployment rate between January and June??;1.What;is the Null and the Alternative Hypotheses?;2.What;is your level of alpha (?)?;3.What;is your conclusion?;4.What;is your answer to the question?;10.;The Governor of a southern state has asked Kaplan Consulting to determine if;the state were able to increase the percentage of its population with a;Bachelor?s Degree to 50%, what might be the expected median household income;based on 2010 data? Here is the output from the Regression procedure from;Excel.;1.What;would be the predicted median household income if the percentage of the;population in the state were 50% or 50?;Submitting Your Project;?;Save;your project in a location that you will remember and with your full name. When;you are ready to submit your project, click on the Dropbox and complete the;steps below;?;Click;the link that says, ?Submit an Assignment.?;?;In;the ?Submit to Basket? menu, select Unit 9 Project.;?;In;the ?Comments? field include your name.;?;Click;the ?Add Attachments? button.;?;Follow;the steps listed to attach your Word Document.;?;You;should revisit the Dropbox to view any helpful feedback your instructor has and;to retrieve your graded project.;?;Make;sure that you save a copy of your submitted project.


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