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MATH233 Unit 4: Logarithmic Functions




0;ln(????);12 ln(1+0.0833????);whereTis the time in years,ris the interest rate (in decimal form), andkrepresents the growth of the;investment.;1. Choose a value forkfrom the table based on;the first letter of your last name for the investment;that you want to simulate, and set up your equation forT(r).Choose a value ofkthat is different;from your classmates? values ofk.;First letter of your last name Values fork;Interpretation;A?F;1.10?1.90;Investment will grow 1.10 to 1.90 times;G?L;2.10?2.90;Investment will grow 2.10 to 2.90 times;M?R;3.10?3.90;Investment will grow 3.10 to 3.90 times;S?Z;4.10?4.90;Investment will grow 4.10 to 4.90 times;2. Find the derivative ofT(r)with respect tor,the rate of change in time with respect to the interest;rate using the quotient rule. (Note that ln(k) is a constant.);3. Choose 5 interest rates between 2% and 20%. Complete the following;table by calculating the;values ofT(r)andT?(r),correctly rounded to two;decimal places. (Note that the rates do not;necessarily have to be whole numbers. Examples such as 5.5% or 9.85%;are acceptable.);T(r);T?(r);Interest Rates,rPLEASE VIEW ATTACHMENT BELOW WHICH CONTAINS ALL QUESTIONS


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