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MATH 012 Exam 2014




Question;This exam is open book and open notes. This means that you may refer to your textbook, notes,and any online materials, but you must work independently and may not consult anyone. Youhave to submit your answer sheet in your Assignments Folder in a readable format (.doc or.pdfformat) no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, Nov 23.Show sufficient work, including all essential steps, or explanation to receive full credit.Adequacy of the work shown will be determined solely by me and answers without anywork may earn little or no credit.You may type (using Equation Editor) or write your work in your copy of the exam and scanned workis acceptable to enable you to submit handwritten work into your Assignments Folder but only in a.pdf or.jpg format that I can read. Be sure to include your name on the document.If you require any clarification, please contact me by e-mail: ( points)1) Given the points (-3, -2) and (-1, 4):a) Write an equation in point-slope form of the line L1 through the points.b) Convert the equation of L1 to slope-intercept form.(c) Determine the slope-intercept equation of a line L2 which is perpendicular to L1 and passesthrough the point (-1, -2).2)a) Write an equation of a vertical line through the point (-5, -3).b) Write an equation of a horizontal line through the point (6, -7).1(5 points)MATH 012 Exam3)(10 points)John wins $125,000 (after taxes) in the lottery and decides to invest it in a 10-year CD that pays 6.85%interest compounded quarterly (4 times/year). How much money (rounded to the nearest cent) willhe have in his account at the end of the 10-year period?4)(5 points)The numerator of a fraction is two less than its denominator. If both the numerator and denominator are3increased by three, the resulting fraction is equal to. Find the fraction.45)(5 points)The product of two consecutive positive integers is 156. Find the two integers. Only an algebraicapproach is acceptable and not "guess work" or trial and error approach.2MATH 012 Exam6)(10 points)52xSolve the inequality: 5 <2.3Write your answer in interval notation and graph the solution set on a number line.7)(10 points)An experienced roofer can roof a house in 30 hours. A beginner needs 45 hours to do the same job.How long will it take if the two roofers work together?3MATH 012 Exam8)(10 points)Which of the following is the graph of the function f(x) = -|x+1| - 1? Circle the letter, downbelow, of the correct response.Show that you have found at least three ordered pairs that lie on the graph.BACxy-2D-1041MATH 012 Exam9)(10 points)131Solve the equation:2x - 4 x 16x410)(10 points)The number of cars produced at a General Motors assembly plants assembly line varies jointly asthe number of workers and the time they work. If 200 workers can produce 60 cars in 2 hours, findhow many cars 240 workers should be able to make in 3 hours.5MATH 012 Exam11)Factorize all the terms, perform the indicated operations and simplify:1 x1 - x - 2x 21 2x 4x28x 3 16(10 points)


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