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Comparison of Means Assignment




Question;Comparison of Means Assignment;Submit one Word document for this assignment (copy and paste SPSS;output into the Word document).;1. Paired Samples t;test: For this assignment, you are interested in finding out whether;participation in a creative writing course results in increased scores on a;creativity assessment.;a. Use the data;file ?Unit7.sav.? In this file, ?Participant? is the numeric student identifier;?CreativityPre? contains creativity pre-test scores, and ?CreativityPost?;contains creativity post-test scores. A total of 40 students completed the;pre-test, took the creativity course, and then took the post-test.;b. Exploratory;Data Analysis: Perform exploratory data analysis on CreativityPre and;CreativityPost, then copy and paste the output into the Word document.;c. Report: Using;SPSS, calculate the mean and standard deviation of these two variables and;report them in 1-2 sentences.;d. Chart/graph;Construct an appropriate chart/graph that displays the relevant information for;these two variables.;e. Hypotheses;Write the null and alternative hypotheses used to test the question above;(i.e., whether participation in the course affects writing scores).;2. Comparison of Means;a. T-Test: Perform;a paired samples t test to assess your hypotheses above (note that many;versions of SPSS use the term ?paired samples t test? rather than ?dependent t;test,? the test itself is the same). Copy and paste the output into the Word;document.;b. Results: Write;one or two paragraphs that describe the dataset, give(s) your hypothesis, and;present(s) the results of the paired samples t test. Be sure that your writing;conforms to APA style.


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