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Conduct the hypothesis test and provide the test statistic, critical value, and/or P-value, and state the conclusion




Question;1. A story involves four carpooling;students who missed a test and gave as an excuse a flat tire. On the makeup;test, the instructor asked the students to identify the tire that went flat. If;they really did have a flat tire, would they be able to identify the tire? The;author asked 41 other students to identify the tire they would select. The;results are listed below(expect for one student one chose the spare). Use a.05;significance level to test the author?s claim that the results fit a uniform;distribution. What does the result suggest about the ability of the four;students to select the same tire when they really didn?t have a flat?;Tire left front ?selected by 11, right front?selected by 15, Left Rear?selected;by 8, Right Rear?selected by ?6.;Use analysis of variance for the indicated test.;2. Poplar tree weights. Use a.05 significance level to test the claim that;four treatment categories yield poplar trees with the same weight. Is there a;treatment that appears to be most effective in the sandy and dry region?;No treatment Fertilizer Irrigation Fertilizer and Irrigation;.24.92.96 1.07;1.69.07 1.43 1.63;1.23.56 1.26 1.39;.99 1.74 1.57.49;1.8;3. Pages were selected from Clancy, Rowling, and Tolstoy. The Flesch reading;ease scores are listed below. Use a.05 significance level to test the claim;that the samples are form populations with the same mean. Do the books appear;to have different levels of difficulty?;Clancy 58.2 73.4 73.1 64.4 72.7 89.2 43.9 76.3 76.4 78.9 69.4 72.9;Rowling 85.3 84.3 79.5 82.5 80.5 80.2 84.6 79.2 70.9 78.6 86.2 74 83.7;Tolstoy 69.4 64.2 71.4 71.6 68.5 51.9 72.2 74.4 52.8 58.4 65.4 73.6


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