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Given the following terms of a sequence




Question;1.Given the following terms of a;sequence for the N th term of the sequence:3,5,9,15,23,33,45.... 2. Suppose that;today (year0) your car is worth $10,000. Each year, your car loses 10 % of its;value, nut at the end of each year, you add customization to your car that;increase it value by$100. LetC(n) be the value of your car after N years. (so;C(0)=10000)WRITE a recurrence relation for C(n). and how much will your car be;worth after 3years?;3. In a group of 82 students, 59 are;taking an english course, 46 are taking a math course and 12 are taking neither;of these, how many students are taking both english and math?;4. Consider the recurrence relation;defined by An=4An-1-4An-2 for n>=2 with A0=5 and A1=9 WRITE the first six;terms of the sequence defined by this relation and WRITE a solution to the;recurrence relation.


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