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Question;1. Radiation in Baby teeth. Listed;below are amounts of strontium-90 in a simple random sample of baby teeth;obtained from Pennsylvania residents and New York residents born after 1979.;Use a.05 significance level to test the claim that the mean amount of;strontium 90 from Pennsylvania residents is greater than the mean amount from;New York residents.;Penn. 155 142 149 130 151 163 151 142 156 133 138 161;New York 133 140 142 131 134 129 128 140 140 140 137 143;2. Altitude and Temperature. Listed below are altitudes and outside air;temperatures recorded by the author during Delta Flight 1053 from New Orleans;to Atlanta. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a linear;correlation between altitude and outside air temperature? Do the results change;if the altitude are reported in meters and the temperatures are converted to;the Celsius scale?;Altitude 3 10 14 22 28 31 33;Temp 57 37 24 -5 -30 -41 -54;3. Use the same data set as the above question. In each case, find the regression;equation, letting the first variable be the predictor (x) variable. Find the;indicated predicted value.;At 6327 ft, the author recorded the temperature. Find the best predicted temp.;at that altitude. How does the result compare to the actual recorded value of;48 degrees F.;4. Find the regression equation, letting the first variable be the predictor;(x) variable. Find the indicated predicted value. PSAT and SAT scores. One;subject not included in the given table had a PSAT score of 229. Find the best predicted;SAT score for this student. Is the result close to the reported value of 2400?;Given the data are from volunteered responses, are the results valid?;PSAT 183 207 167 206 197 142 193 176;SAT 2200 2240 1890 2380 2290 2070 2370 1980


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