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1 we have;Please provide detailed work illustrating how you arrived;at your solution.;1) Condense the following into a single logarithmic expression;3log(x +1) + 5log(9x +1) -;log(x+1);2) $52,000 is invested in an account at interest rate r = 5.1%;compounded continuously. Find the time required for the amount to double.;(Approximate the result to two decimal places.);3)The populations P (in thousands) of Carson, Nevada from 2000;through 2007 can be modeled by;P(t) = 346ekt;where t represents;the year, with t = 0 corresponding to 2001. In 2007, the population of;Carson was about 395,000. According to the model, during what year will;the population reach 480,000?;4) Carbon dating presumes that, as long as a plant or animal is;alive, the proportion of its carbon that is 14C is constant.;The amount of 14C in an object made from harvested plants, like;paper, will decline exponentially according to the equation;A = A0e-0.000111t;where A;represents the amount of 14C in the object, Ao represents the amount;of 14C in living organisms, and t is the time in years;since the plant was harvested. If an archeological artifact has 55% as;much 14C as a living organism, how old would you predict it to be?;Round to the nearest year.


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