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Gain Recognition and Basis Computation (LO. 3)...




Gain Recognition and Basis Computation (LO. 3) Jed acquired 25% of the stock of Alpha Corporation (basis of $100,000) 12 years ago, and the other 75% was purchased by Zia (basis of $510,000) three years ago. Jed also holds a 10-year, $150,000 Alpha bond paying 6% interest. Alpha enters into a tax-free consolidation with Beta Corporation, in which Jed will receive an 8% interest in the new AlphaBeta Corporation (value $144,000) plus $36,000 and Zia will receive a 27% interest (value $486,000) plus $54,000 of land. Alpha's basis in the land is $35,000. Jed also will exchange his $150,000 Alpha bond for a 10-year, $155,000 AlphaBeta bond paying 5.8% interest. Before the reorganization or distributions to its shareholders, Alpha's value is $720,000, and Beta's value is $1,170,000. If an amount is zero, enter "0". a. What are Jed's and Zia's bases in their new AlphaBeta stock? Jed: $ Zia: $ b. What is the total amount of gain (loss) recognized by Jed, Zia, Alpha, and Beta on the reorganization? Jed: $ Zia: $ Alpha: $ Beta: $ AlphaBeta: $


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