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Question;5. Indicate which of the following variables are qualitative;or quantitative?;Gender;Age;Income;Race;Profession;6.The following table shows the distribution of the scores;on a calculus exam.;Class Frequency;10-49 4;50-65 8;66-79 12;80-89 14;90-100 9;Sum = 47;Why can we not use this table to make a histogram?;7. The following table shows the number of applicants;accepted and refused by different graduate programs of a big university. The;table shows the name of the program, the gender of the applicant, and the;decision on the application.;Men;Women;Program;# applied;# accepted;% accepted;# applied;# accepted;% accepted;A;825;512;62.06;108;89;82.41;B;560;353;63.04;25;17;68.00;C;325;120;36.92;593;225;37.94;D;417;138;33.09;375;132;35.20;E;191;54;28.27;393;95;24.17;F;373;22;5.90;341;24;7.04;Total;Simpson?s Paradox Question;a);Fill the blank columns of the above table.;b);b) If you look at each program, who is being;admitted in higher percentage, men or women?;c);If you look at the acceptance rate overall, who;is being admitted in higher percentage, men or women?;d);d) State clearly, a reason as to why do we have;opposite answers in the parts b) and c.);8. The following data shows the time (in minutes) taken by;the 9 employees of a company to finish a job satisfaction survey. 17, 38, 46;49, 51, 53, 58,59, 61;a) Find the mean of this data.;b) Find the median of this data.;c) You discover that the number 17 should have been 71. How;does this change affect The mean The median?;9.Find the standard deviation (sample) of the following;data. i) 8 40 46 47 49 50 Show the calculations by using the following table X;X;(X - Xbar);(X - Xbar)^2;8;-32;1024;40;0;0;46;6;36;47;7;49;49;9;81;50;10;100;Total;1290


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