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Question;1).What are probability you are;going to randomly select a marble from a bag of marbles that contains 4 blue;marbles, 4 green marbles, and 6 red marbles?;2).A newly wedded couple purchases a new house for $500,000, makes a down;payment of 20%, and finances the rest with a 30-year fixed mortgage at an;annual interest rate of 5.5% compounded monthly. What is the amount of the;monthly loan payment to amortize the loan?;3). 1000 people were selected in a Grocery Store they were asked what fruit;they like the most. The following table was obtained.;Fruit Age;20 to 49 Age;50 plus Total;Apples 208 88 296;Oranges 150 74 224;Bananas 32 140 172;Strawberries 228 80 308;Total(###) ###-####;Find the probability that a randomly selected person;(a) most often eat oranges and is age 50+;(b) most often eat oranges given that is age 50+.;(c) most often eat oranges or is age 50+;4). Sixteen student in a class. 9 are women and 7 are men.;(a) In how many ways can 12 student be randomly selected out of the 16 student?;(b) In how many ways can 12 students be chosen, if 8 must be women and 4 must;be men?;(c) If the 12 students randomly selected from the 16 students, what is the;probability that 4 are men and 8 are women?;5). A teacher grades six students homework. The numbers are 15, 25, 12, 17, 15;18;(a) Find the median;(b) State the mode;(c) Determine the sample mean.;d) Using the sample mean found in part (c), and given that the sample standard;deviation of the data set above is 4.4, what percentage of the data set falls;within one standard deviation of the mean?.;6).Use augmented matrix methods;-3x + 2y = 13;5x + 2y = 5;7). Animals in a Pet Shops shown in the following table;Number of Animals 6 8 10 12 14;Probability 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.10;Find the expected numbers of animals;8). In Cruise Ship 100 people got sick.45 people complained of flu,55 people;complained of sore throat.15 people complained of both flu and sore throat. An;instructor surveyed.;(a) How many of the people either got flu or sore throat (but not both);(b) Let F = (people that complained of flu) and S = (people that complained of;sore throat). Determine the number of people belonging to each of the regions;1, 2, 3, 4.;F S;1 2 3 4;9). A Company spent $8.5 billion on transportations in 2004 in 2011 the amount;rises to $18.3 billion.;a) Show a linear equation used to predict the annual company spending on;transportations ?y? in given year ?x?, where x=0 represents the year 2004;b) Use the equations to predict the amount company will spent on;transportations in 2018;c) Interpret the slope of the equation.;10). In Candy Factory there is 0.9 probability that a randomly select $1 candy;is bad.Assume 8 $1 candies are randomly selected. What is the probabilities;that exactly 7 of the $1 candy randomly selected candies will be bad?


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