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MATH 107 Unit Quiz 5 (2014)




Question;MATH;107;Unit;Quiz 5;Each numerically;numbered question is worth 10 points.;? Must show work (steps) where it is necessary;to receive full credit for problems.;? Partial credits will be given depending on;the degree of correctness.;? So take the time and re-check your answers.;? You can resubmit your corrections as many;times as you want before the due date.;? But only submit one final revised quiz 1 to;be graded in the assignment folder.;1.;Find all the vertical and horizontal asymptotes for.;2.;Find the zeros of the function;3.;Find;the zeros of;4.;Solve Quadratic Polynomial Inequality;5.;Solve;the rational inequality;6.;WhenP dollars is invested at;interest rater, compounded annually, for;t years, the investment grows to A dollars;where. When Sara enter the 11th grade, her;grandparents deposit $10,000 in a college savings account. Find the interest rate r, if the $10, 000;grows to $11, 193.64 in 2 years.;7.;Show that has real zero between;0 and 1, and approximate this zero to one decimal place.


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