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MM 255 Business Math Unit 1 Project




Question;When shopping you often gather comparison data to get the best deal. Consider buying pizzaThese are just some of the questions you may want to consider when buying pizza:? What is the best pizza deal in your area?? How do you conduct comparative shopping when different pizza stores have different size pans?? Are prices for some large pizzas for a particular store proportional to the amount of pizza for each size?? Does any combination of two pan sizes give a better buy than a larger pan size?? Is pizza available in any shape besides circles? If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these shapes from a marketing viewpoint?From a consumer viewpoint, collect data from two of your favorite pizza restaurants in the following four areas:1. Collect statistics in? pan sizes? prices? topping options2. ?To begin your research, answer the following questions:3. Compare cost per square inch of pizza for each pan size offered by a restaurant.4. Compare cost per square inch of pizza with customer-chosen toppings versus store established combinations of toppings.5. Compare cost per square inch of pizza for small, medium, and large pizzas for these two restaurants.?Note:?Use the following formulas:?Area of circle = 22/7 x radius x radius?Area of a rectangle = length x width


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