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Trident MATH101 module 1 case and SLP




Question;CAse 1MAT 101 Case 1;Complete the following problems using the;Case 1 Answer Template.;The;symbol*stands for;multiplication.;1.;Identify the coefficients, variable terms, and constants in the;following expression.;2x3+5y2-3z+1;2.;Identify the coefficients, variable terms, and constants in the;following expression.;4z5-8x2-6;3. Combine like terms in the;following expression. (Hint: You can;color code the like terms.);8x2+3x+9-x2+7x-2+y;4.;Distribute and combine like terms in the following expression.;3(6y2-9+7x-2x2-3x-6);5. Write and simplify an;expression that applies the distributive property. Include at least 3 different terms.;6. Simplify the expression;using the order of operations.;(Note: * stands for multiplication);(6*2-4) ?;3(8-5) * 7;2;7.;Simplify the expression using the order of operations.;(3-5);* -| -22- 52 * 4;8. Translate;the following statement.;The product of 3 more than a number and 3;less than the same number.;9. Translate and solve the following statement.;The quotient of 2x and 4 is the same as the;product of 6 and 3.;10.;Write and translate your own statement using at least two different operations (i.e. - add;subtract, multiply, divide).;11. Simplify;the expression. (Hint: Careful with the signs);-6(-42-7);12. Simplify;the expression.;(-10)2;* -|23-7+12;For problems 13-14, evaluate the;expressions using the following values.;x=;-3 y= 8 z= -12;13. 2y+3z;4x;14. 4x2-2z2;For problems 15-16, evaluate the expressions;using the following values.;a=;-1 b= 11 c= -7;15. 14a + (7- 6b);c;16. (a2+b2)(b2-c2);For problems 17-20, solve the equation. Check your answer by plugging it back into;the equation.;17. 10x = 9x-15;18. 4x-9 = 7x+3;19. -3(8x-2x) = 72;20. 9(4y-3)-12y = 4(27+5y);MAT 101 SLP 1;Complete the following problems using the;SLP 1 Answer Template.;Write;the final answer in the terms being asked such as dollars/cents, degrees;tickets, etc.;1.;Companies often sell products at or below cost in order to draw in and;retain customers. Redman Manufacturers;is tracking 5 items from last month?s sales.;On item #1 they make $15, item #2 loses $4, item #3 makes $9, item #4;loses $6, and item #5 makes $12. Last;month?s sales are as follows;Item #1: 90 units sold;Item #2: 103 units sold;Item #3: 78 units sold;Item #4: 45 units sold;Item #5: 164 units sold;Write, simplify, and, calculate the profit or loss for the month.;2. When;principal (P) is invested at a rate of (R) over a period of time (T) in years;simple interest (I) is earned. The;simple interest is calculated by multiplying the principal, rate, and;time. Write an equation to represent;this scenario.;3. Using;the formula above, calculate the interest earned for an investment of $15,000;at a rate of 5% over 10 years.;4. The;perimeter of a rectangle is P=2L+2W where L is the length and W is the;width. Find the perimeter when L=15 and;W=25. Show your work.;5. The;formula for a triangle is A=bh. If the area of a triangle is 36 and the;height is 9, what is the base?;6.;The formula F=C+32;relates Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature.;If the current temperature is -20?C, what is the;temperature in Fahrenheit?;7.;A triangle has sides measuring x+7, 2x+3, and 5x-6. Write and simplify an expression that;represents the perimeter of the triangle.;8.;Floral Solutions is calculating their profits for the previous;month. Profit is determined by revenue minus;the cost. The cost of producing floral;arrangements is represented by the equation C= 18+35x and the revenue is;represented by the equation R=80x+12.;a.;Find the simplified expression that represents the profit.;b.;Find the profit made when 110 arrangements are sold.;9.;Jamie sold her house for x;dollars. The real estate agent received;a 5% commission and Jamie received $197,125.;Write and solve an equation to determine the;selling price of the house.;10.;Dan works on commission and earns 4% on all of his sales. In month 1, he sold $25,000, month 2 was;$17,000, and month 3 was $34,000. 18% of;his total earnings are taken out for taxes.;Calculate the total net (after taxes) pay Dan earned over the 3 months. Write;and simplify an expression that;represents this scenario.


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