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Post MAT120 unit 4 discussion




Question;Unit 4 Group ProblemWith your partner (from the group sign up in unit 3), work the problem number assigned to your group, using the journal function within your group on Blackboard. The journal is hidden from public viewing capabilities, only you, your partner and the instructor can view the journal. This is where you can work out your solution, ask each other questions, etc. Once you agree on a final solution it will need to be posted, along with all supporting work, in the Discussion Board for viewing and grading purposes. Only the work posted on the Discussion Board will be graded, however the group interaction in the journal will be used to verify participation from both partners.Discussion Board Group Problems Unit 4ExpectationPointsJournal:evidence of participation from both partners____ /1Discussion Board:all work/explanation for assigned problem is shown____ /2Discussion Board:correct solution____ /1Discussion Board:Proper grammar and spelling are used____ /1TOTAL____ /5


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