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Question;Equations;Formulas are equations that have been used so frequently;in certain applications that they have become standard. Examples are;the simple interest formula, I = PRT, and selling price, S= C+ M.;Many fields, like accounting, manufacturing;photography, real estate, construction estimation, statistics, retail;etc., use formulas to make calculations quickly and conveniently.;Investigate your major field or some other field of interest to determine what formulas are used.;1. Collect two formulas for your chosen field.;2. Explain the following: meaning of the;symbols, what the formulas are used for, and how to solve the formulas.;Use an example for this purpose.A suggestion is that you might interview instructors, recognized experts, and other professionals for this purpose.;3. Discuss the advantages of using the formulas, any difficulties in using them, and whether computers are used with them.;4. Discuss also why some fields may not use formulas. Present these findings to your classmates.


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