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Question;1. 49, 34, and 48;students are selected from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes with 496;348, and 481 students respectively. Identify which type of sampling is used and;why.;2. The name of;each contestant is written on a separate card, the cards are placed in a bag;and three names are picked from the bag. Identify which type of sampling is;used and why.;3. An education;expert is researching teaching methods and wishes to interview teachers from a;particular school district. She randomly selects ten schools from the district;and interviews all of the teachers at the selected schools. Does this sampling;plan result in a random sample? Simple random sample? Explain.;4. A polling;company obtains an alphabetical list of names of voters in a precinct.;They select every 20th person from the list until a sample of 100 is obtained.;They then call these 100 people. Does this sampling plan result in a random;sample? Simple random sample? Explain.;5. The personnel;manager at a company wants to investigate job satisfaction among the female;employees. One evening after a meeting she talks to all 30 female employees who;attended the meeting. Does this sampling plan result in a random sample? Simple;random sample? Explain.


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