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Question;6.What is the difference between the;regression equation y?=b_0+b_1 x and the regression equation y=?_0+?_1 x?;Questions 7 and 8 are based on the data below. The table below lists;measurements from eight different eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in;Yellowstone National Park. The data consists of the duration 9sec) of the;eruption, height (ft) of the eruption, time interval (min) before the eruption;and time interval (min) after the eruption. Shown below are results obtained by;using the durations and interval-after times.;Eruptions of the Old Faithful Geyser;Duration 240 120 178 234 235 269 255 220;Height 140 110 125 120 140 120 125 150;Interval Before 98 90 92 98 93 105 81 108;Interval After 92 65 72 94 83 94 101 87;Pearson correlation of Duration and After =0.926;P-value =0.001;The Regression Equation is: After = 34.8 +0.234 Duration;7.Do the following.;a.Determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support a claim of the;linear correlation between duration and interval-after time for eruptions of;the Old Faithful geyser.;b.What percentage of the variation in interval-after times can be explained by;the linear correlation between interval-after times and durations?;c.Letting y represent interval-after time and letting x represent duration;time, identify the regression equation.;d.If an eruption has a duration of 200 sec, what is the best predicted value;for the time interval after the eruption to the next eruption?;8. a)Construct a scatterplot. What does the scatterplot suggest about a linear;correlation between heights of eruption and interval-after times?;b)Find the value of the linear correlation coefficient and determine whether;there is a sufficient evidence to support a claim of a linear correlation;between heights of eruption and interval-after times.;c)Letting y represent the interval-after time and letting x represent height;find the regression equation.;d)Based on the given sample data, what is the best predicted interval-after;time for an eruption with a height of 100ft?


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