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In a poll, 1,004 adults in a certain country were asked whether




Question;In a poll, 1,004 adults in a certain;country were asked whether they favor or oppose the use of "federal tax;dollars to fund medical research using stein cells obtained from human;embryos." Based on the poll results, it is estimated that48% of adults are in favor, with a margin;of error of 4 percentage points. Use the given statistic and margin of error to;identify the;range of values (confidence interval) likely to contain the true value of the;population parameter.;The range of values likely to;contain the population parameter is from % to 11%.(Simplify your answer. Use ascending order.);A poll is conducted the day before a state;election for Senator. There are only two candidates running for this office.;The poll results show that 58% of the voters favor the Republican candidate;with a margin of =or of 4 percentage points. Should the Republican expect to;win? Why or why not?;Choose the correct answer below.;0A. The results suggest that the Republican is;likely to win a solid majority because he or she will most likely get between;54% and 62% of the vote.;0 B. The results suggest that the Republican is;not likely to win a solid majority because, when the margin of error istaken into account, he or she will most;likely not get the majority of the vote.;0.C. The results suggest that the Republican is;just as likely to win or lose the election because 58% is very close to50%.;Determine whether a census is;practical in the situation described. Explain your reasoning.You want to;determine the mean height of all volleyball players in a country.;Choose the correct answer below.;0 A census is not practical. The population consists;of the large number of players in a country, and it is not easy to;obtain their heights.;0 A census is practical. The population consists of;the small number of players in a country, and it is easy to obtain;their heights.;In a Gallup poll of 1,098 randomly selected;American sportsmen, 89% said that cloning of humans should not beallowed.;Identify the sample, population, and;sampling method. Then comment on whether you think it is likely that the sample;is;representative of the population.;Identify the sample. Choose the;correct answer below.0A. the 1,098 randomly selected;American sportsmen;0 B;allAmerican sportsmen;0 C;sportsmen of the whole world;0 D;89% of randomly selected American sportsmen;You want to determine the mean amount of;credit card debt owed by adult consumers in Florida,Which sample is most likely to be a representative sample?;Choose the;correct answer below.;CIA. The first 1,000 Florida residents in a complete list of all Florida;telephone numbers.B. The Florida;residents who mail back a survey printed in a newspaper.;OC. The Florida;drivers who own and have registered a SUV.;0 D. The first 1,000 Florida residents;listed in the Fort Lauderdale phone book.;Amagazine, which does not accept free products;or advertising from anyone, prints a review of new cars.Are there sources of bias in this situation?;Choose the;correct answer below.;OA. There do not appear to be any sources of;bias.;B. Theredoes appear to be;sources of bias.;A company hires independent university;scientists to determine whether its new, genetically engineered soybean posesany threat to the;environment.;Are there sources of bias in this situation?;Choose the correct answer below.;CIA. There donot appear;to be any sources of bias.B. There does appear to be sources of bias.;Toyota wants to administer asatisfaction survey to its current customers.;Usingtheir customer database, the companyrandomly selects 30 customers and asks them about their level ofsatisfaction with the company.;What type of sampling is used?A.Stratified;0 B.Simple random;OC.Cluster;OD.Convenience;OE.Systematic;In a poll;1,004 men in a country were asked whether they favor or oppose the use of;federal tax dollars to fundmedical research using stem cells obtained;from human embryos." Among the respondents, 46% said that they were infavor. Describe the statistical study.;What is the;population in the given problem? Choose the correct answer below.OA 46% of the 1,004 men selected;OB. A.11 men in the country;OC. The 1,004 men selected.;0 D. 46% of all men in the country;To estimate;the percentage of defects in a recent manufacturing batch, a quality control;manager at Microsoft selectsevery 2.0th software CD that comes off the assembly line starting with;the third until she obtains a sample of 130software CDs.;What type of;sampling is used?GA.Convenience;0 B. Simple random;OC. Cluster;OD. Systematic.;OE. Stratified;Some cruise;ship passengers are given magnetic bracelets, which they agree to wear in an;attempt to eliminate ordiminish the effects of ration sickness. Others are given similar;bracelets that have no magnetism.;What type of;study is this? What are the variables of interest?;Choose the;correct answer below.;OA. Experiment. The variable of interest is;whether the passenger experienced motion sickness.;0 B. Observational;study. The variable of interest is whether a passengers bracelet is magnetized;or not.OC. Observational study. The variable of;interest is whether the passenger experienced motion sickness.0 D. Experiment. The variable of interest is;whether a passengers braceletismagnetized or;not.;A magazine ran a survey about a web site for;downloading music. Readers could register their responses on themagazine's web;site.;Identify a source of bias in this study.Choose the;correct answer below.;OA. Bias from the;survey funding source.;B. Bias from;the survey wording.OC. Bias from;self-selection.;OD. Bias from;cluster sampling.;To determine customer opinion of their;pricing, Greyhound Lines randomly selects 150 busses during a certain weekand surveysallpassengers on the busses.;What type of sampling is used?OA.Convenience;OB.Stratified;OC,Cluster;OD,Systematic.;OE,Simple random


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