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Question;Chap 7: 3, 9, 10, 23, 25, 30, 51, 55A population has a mean of 125. If a random sample of 8 items from the population results in thefollowing sampled values, what is the sampling error for the sample?7-31031239910712110010099AWhat is the sampling error for the sample above?7-9A previous report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that smokers,on average, miss 6.16 days of work per year due to sickness (including smoking-related acute andchronic conditions). Nonsmokers miss an average of 3.86 days of work per year. If two years later theCDC believes that the average days of work missed by smokers has not changed, it could confirm thisby sampling. Consider the following sample.1366010491501241401535621401235614853210910102011781110649aDetermine the sampling error of this sample, assuming that the CDC supposition is correct.7-10LaCrosse Technology is one of many manufacturers at atomic clocks. It makes an atomic digitialwatch that is radio controlled and that maintains its accuracy by reading a radio signal from a WWVBradio signal from Colorado. It neither loses nor gains a second in 20 million years. It is powered by a3-volt lithium batter expected to last three years. Suppose the life of the batter has a standard deviationof.3 years and its normally distributed3.112.121.974.683.526.784.565. on the sample of 14 customers, how much sampling error exists? Would you expect thesampling error to increase or decrease if the sample size was increased to 40?7-23Suppose that a population is known to be normally distributed with m=2,000 and230. If a randomsample of size n = 8 is selected, calculate the probability that the same mean will exceed 2,100.7-25If a population is known to be normally distributed with m = 250 and= 40., what are thecharacteristics of the sampling distribution for x based on a random sample size, of 25 selected fromthe population?7-30SeeClear Windows makes windows for use in homes and commerical buildings. The standards forglass thickness call for the glass to average.375 inches with a standard deviation equal to.050 inches.Suppose a random sample of n = 50 windows yields a sample mena of.392 inches.aWhat is the probability of xbBased on your answer to part a, what would you conclude about the population of windows? Is itmeeting the standards?7-51Given a population in which the probability iof a success is p =.040, if a sample of 1000 is taken,aCalculate the probability of proportion successes in the sample will be less than.42.bWhat is the probability the proprtion of successes in the sameple will be greater than.44?.392 if the windows meet the standards?The J R Simplot Company is one of the world's largest privately held agricultural companies,employing more than 10,000 people in the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, and Australia. Moreinformation can be found at the company's website: One of the major products isfrench fries that are sold primarily on the commercial market to customers such as McDonalds andBurger King. French Fries have numerous quality attributes that are important to customers. One ofthese is called "dark ends" which are the dark-colored ends that can occur when the fries are cooked.Suppose a major customer will accept no more than.06 of the fries having dark ends.7-55Recently, the customer called Simplot Company saying that a recent random study sampled 300 frieswas test from a shipment and 27 frieds had dark ends. Assuming that the population does meet the.06standard, what is the probability of getting a sample of 300 with 27 or more dark ends? Comment onthe result.aAssuming that the population does meet the.06 standard, what is the probability of getting a sample of300 with 27 or more dark ends?bComment:51471514


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