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Question;The tasks below are based on the following information. Researchers thought that males would evidence a "less positive" attitude toward gtrn control laws than would women, and they proposed that the meandifference in attitude would represent at J.east a moderate or medir:msized effect. A test of attitude toward grrn controJ. laws yieJ.dedscores that range from zero (not at aJ.J- positive) to 100 (coryletely positive.) Data and ottrer infor:mation fron ttre study are:MenIlomenx5080s1118n3540SE"oorroSEsspARArs=3.51= 3.401. (2 points) Verify couputation ofSEsspARArp.2. (1 point) Is polrer adequate to reject the nuII hlpothesis if it is false? Support your answer of YES or NO.3. (3 points) Ilrite the nu1J. and al.ternative hlpotheses for the study, then test ttre nuJ-J. hlpothesis with a standard t-test and with its eornpanion confidence interval. Do these tasks under the assuq>tionthat the group variances are \rtromogeneous." As always, concLude with written interpretations. Do aJ.J. your work for this task on the back of this page. BriefJ.y state why the tromogeneous approach isappropriate in this case.


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