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Question;When solving the following;questions, show each step of the solution along with the final results. If;there is no work to show, be sure to fully explain your solution method.;1. Simplify the following;algebraic operations;a) 7x ? 2(x-2) + 5(x+3);b) (x+2)(x-4) + 3x + 1;2. Suppose a student has;earned the following grades on her first four quizzes: 83, 72, 89, 78. What;must she score on her fifth quiz in order to have a mean of 80 on all of her;quizzes?;3. The perimeter of a;rectangle is twice the length plus twice the width. The area of a rectangle is;the product of its length and width. Suppose we let l represent the length;and w represent the width of a rectangle.;a) Write an algebraic expression that represents the;perimeter.;b) Write an algebraic expression that represents the;area.;c) Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle 12 inches;long and 20 inches wide.;d) Calculate the area of the rectangle described in;Part C.


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