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Introduction to Statistics / MAT300 SPRING 2014 - Estimating the standard deviation of grouped data




Question;ntroduction to Statistics / MAT300 SPRING 20141.Estimating the standard deviation of grouped data"Senioritis" is a temporary, non-fatal illness afflicting thousands of high school and college seniors every year. Its chief symptom is a desire to be doing anything but schoolwork.A possible measure of the overall senioritis in a high school senior class is the percentage of seniors who miss school on "senior skip day." The histogram below summarizes some "senior skip day" attendance data from the past 24 years for one high school. Given on the horizontal axis of the histogram is the percentage of seniors who actually missed school on "senior skip day."Based on this histogram, estimate the standard deviation of the sample of 24 percentages. Carry your intermediate computations to at least four decimal places, and round your answer to at least one decimal place.(If necessary, consult a list of formulas.)


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