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Question;Homework Assignment #9;Name;All calculations should be done in Word;using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs should be done in Excel.;Use the output below to;answer the following questions.;A baseball analyst;would like to develop a model to predict the number of wins during the 2011;baseball season. The analyst collected;several variables: Wins, ERA, Runs Scored, Hits Allowed, Walks Allowed, Errors;and Saves from 30 professional baseball teams.;The data is shows below.;Regression Statistics;Multiple R;0.9504;Observations;30;ANOVA;df;SS;MS;F;Significance F;Regression;4;2611.92;??;??;.000000000259;Residual;??;??;??;Total;??;2891.87;Variable;Coefficient;Standard Error;T value;P value;Lower 95%;Upper 95%;Intercept;74.7771;16.7626;4.4610;.00002;??;??;ERA;-12.3206;3.2066;??;.0007;-18.9247;-5.7166;Runs Scored;.08433;.0079;10.6414;.00000009;.0680;.1007;Hits Allowed;.0107;.0163;??;.5176;??;??;Saves;.2731;.1203;??;.0321;.0254;.5208;1);Fill in the tables with;the missing values? (You should have 13;different values you need to find);2);What is the correlation;of determination?;3);What is the adjusted r2?;4);What is the standard;error of the estimated regression line?;5);What is the estimated;regression equation?;6);Use the estimated;regression equation to predict Wins when ERA 5.42, Runs Score is 938, Hits;Allowed is 1596 and Saves are 30.;7);Calculate the residual;for the observed described in number 6), if the original Wins for that;observation were 72.;8);What is the hypothesis;scenario?;9);Is there evidence of a;significant relationship between the OVERALL Wins and the independent variables? Use alpha =.05. (State the;p-value and the conclusion);10);Which of the independent;variables are significant predictors of Wins?;Which ones do you want to include in your model? Use alpha =.05 (Hint;run a t test on each slope)


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