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Question;Statistics ? Lab Week 4;Name;MATH221;Statistical Concepts;?;Probability;?;Binomial Probability Distribution;Calculating Binomial;Probabilities;? Open a new MINITAB worksheet.;? We are interested in a binomial experiment with 10 trials. First, we;will make the probability of a success ?. Use MINITAB to calculate the;probabilities for this distribution. In column C1 enter the word ?success? as;the variable name (in the shaded cell above row 1. Now in that same column;enter the numbers zero through ten to represent all possibilities for the;number of successes. These numbers will end up in rows 1 through 11 in that;first column. In column C2 enter the;words ?one fourth? as the variable name. Pull up Calc > Probability Distributions > Binomial and select the;radio button that corresponds to Probability.;Enter 10 for the Number of trials;and enter 0.25 for the Event;probability:. For the Input column;select ?success? and for the Optional;storage: select ?one fourth?. Click the button OK and the probabilities will be displayed in the Worksheet.;? Now we will change the probability of a success to ?. In column C3;enter the words ?one half? as the variable name. Use similar steps to that;given above in order to calculate the probabilities for this column. The only difference is in Event probability: use 0.5.;? Finally, we will change the probability of a success to ?. In column;C4 enter the words ?three fourths? as the variable name. Again, use similar steps to that given above;in order to calculate the probabilities for this column. The only difference is;in Event probability: use 0.75.;Plotting;the Binomial Probabilities;1.;Create plots for the three;binomial distributions above. Select Graph;Scatter Plot and Simple;then for graph 1 set Y equal to ?one fourth? and X to ?success? by clicking on;the variable name and using the ?select? button below the list of;variables. Do this two more times and;for graph 2 set Y equal to ?one half? and X to ?success?, and for graph 3 set Y;equal to ?three fourths? and X to ?success?.;Paste those three scatter plots below.;Calculating Descriptive;Statistics;? Open the class;survey results that were entered into the MINITAB worksheet.;2.;Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable;where students flipped a coin 10 times. Pull up Stat > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics and;set Variables: to the coin. The;output will show up in your Session Window.;Type the mean and the standard deviation here.;Mean;Standard deviation;Short Answer Writing;Assignment ? Both the calculated binomial probabilities and the descriptive;statistics from the class database will be used to answer the following;questions.;3.;List the probability value for each possibility in;the binomial experiment that was calculated in MINITAB with the probability of;a success being ?. (Complete sentence not necessary);P(x=0);P(x=6);P(x=1);P(x=7);P(x=2);P(x=8);P(x=3);P(x=9);P(x=4);P(x=10);P(x=5);4. Give the;probability for the following based on the MINITAB calculations with the;probability of a success being ?. (Complete sentence not necessary);P(x?1);P(x 1);P(x?4);P(4


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