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MAT540 Assignment 1




Question;Please see Course Guide pages 10-12 (Week 8 Assignment 1) As part of this assignment, you must;Set up a;Linear Model based on the below scenarioSolve the;Linear Model GraphicallySolve the;Linear Model using excel. A part of your excel spreadsheet must also include a;component that involves Sensitivity Analysis and the use of the Shadow;Price.;Assignment #1: Manufacturer Problem;A;manufacturer makes wooden desks and tables.;Each desk requires 2.5 hours to assemble, 3 hours for buffing, and 1;hour to crate. Each table requires 1;hour to assemble, 3 hours to buff, and 2 hours to crate. The firm can do only up to 20 hours of assembling;30 hours of buffing, and 16 hours of crating per week. Profit is $3 per desk and $4 per table. The manufacturer wants to show how it can;maximize the profit.


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