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Question;Module 1 Homework;Assignment for MAT 110;Directions;Please show all of your work for each problem.;If applicable, you may find Microsoft Word?s equation editor helpful in;creating mathematical expressions in Word.;There is a tutorial on using this equation editor in Module 1 Lecture;Notes. You also have the option of hand;writing your work and scanning it.;1. List all the factors of 88.;2. List all the prime numbers between 25 and;60.;3. Find the GCF for 16 and 17.;4. Find the LCM for 13 and 39.;5. Write the fraction in simplest form.;6. Multiply. Be sure to simplify the;product.;7. Divide.;Write the result in simplest form.;8. Add.;9. Perform the indicated operation. Write the result in simplest form. ?;10. Perform the indicated operation. Write the;result in simplest form. ?;11. Find the decimal equivalent of rounded to the;hundredths place.;12. Write 0.12 as a fraction and simplify.;13. Perform the indicated operation. 8.50 ? 1.72;14. Divide.;15. Write 255% as a decimal.;16. Write 0.037 as a percent.;17. Evaluate.;56 ? 7 ? 28 ? 7;18. Evaluate.;9? 42;19. Multiply: (-1/4)(8/13);20. Translate to an algebraic expression: Twice;x, plus 5, is the same as -14.;21. Identify the property that is illustrated by;the following statement. 5 + 15 = 15 + 5;22. Identify the property that is illustrated by;the following statement.;(6 ?;13)? 10 = 6 ? (13 ?;10);23. Identify the property that is illustrated by;the following statement.;10? (3 + 11) = 10? 3 +;10? 11;24. Use the distributive property to remove the;parentheses in the following expression.;Then simplify your result where possible. 3.1(3 + 7);25. Add. 14;+ (?6);26. Subtract.?17;? 6;27. Evaluate. 3;? (?3) ? 13 ? (?5);28. Multiply.;29. Divide.;30. Evaluate. (?6)2;? 52;31. Evaluate. (?9)(0);+ 13;32. A man lost 36 pounds (lb) while;dieting. If he lost 3 pounds each week;how long has he been dieting?;33. Write the following phrase using symbols: 2;times the sum of v and p;34. Write the following phrase using;symbols. Use the variable x to;represent the number: The quotient of a number and 4;35. Dora puts 50 cents in her piggy bank every;night before she goes to bed. If M;represents the money (in dollars) in her piggy bank this morning, how much;money (in dollars) is in her piggy bank when she goes to bed tonight?;36. Write the following geometric expression;using the given symbols.;times the Area of the;base (A) times the height(h);37. Evaluate if x = 12, y;=, and z =.;38. A formula that relates Fahrenheit and;Celsius temperature is. If the current;temperature is 59?F, what is the Celsius temperature?;39. If the circumference of a circle whose;radius is r is given by C = 2?r, in which?? 3.14;find the circumference when r = 15 meters (m).;40. Combine like terms: 9v + 6w +;4v;41. A rectangle has sides of 3x ? 4 and 7x;+ 10. Provide a simplified expression;for its perimeter.;42. Subtract 4ab3 from the sum;of 10ab3 and 2ab3.;43. Use the distributive property to remove the;parentheses, then simplify by combining like terms: 7(4s ? 5) + 9;44. Multiply: 8u6? 3u3;45. Simplify the expression, if possible


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