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Question;Module 3;The manager of the Carptet City;Outlet needs to make an accurate forecast of the demand for Soft Shag carpet;(its biggest seller). If the manager does not order enough carpet from the carpet;mill, customers will buy their carpet from one of Carpet City's many;competitors. The manager has collected the following demand data for the past 8;months;Month Demand;for Soft Shag Carpet (1,000 yd.);1 8;2 12;3 7;4 9;5 15;6 11;7 10;8 12;a. Compute a 3-month moving average forecast for;months 4 through 9.;b. Compute a weighted 3-month moving average;forecast for months 4 through 9. Assign weights of 0.55,0.33,and 0.12 to the;months in sequence, starting with the most recent month.;c. Compare the two forecasts by using MAD. Which;forecast appears to be more accurate?;Problem 38;Apperson and Fitz is a chain of clothing stores that cate$ lo high school and;college students.;It publishers;a quarterly catalog and ope?1es a Web site that feathers provocatively attired;males and females.;The Web site is very expensive to maintain, and company executives are not;sure whether the;number of hits at the site relate to sales (i.e. if people may be looking at the;site's pictures;only). The Web master has accumulated the following data for hits per month and;orders placed at;the Web site for the past 20 months;Develop a linear;regression model for these data and indicate whether there appears to be a;strong relationship between Web site hits and;orders. What would be the forecast for orders with 50,000 hits per months?;2, Interview someone in your crew who is in charge of providing food in;your submarine. Does;he/she use any model to insure an adequate amount of food for the crew and a;balanced diet? How is the cost of each diet;computed? Discuss how such a model can be;used at your;workplace.


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