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Question;Directions: Please;show all of your work for each problem.;If applicable, you may find Microsoft Word?s equation editor helpful in;creating mathematical expressions in Word.;There is a tutorial on using this equation editor in Module 1 Lecture;Notes. You also have the option of hand;writing your work and scanning it.;1. Solve the system by addition.;x + 4y;= 2;3x ? 2y;= ?22;2. Solve the system by addition.;x + y;= 8;x ? y;= 8;3. Solve the system by addition.;5x ? 3y;= 13;4x ? 3y;= 11;4. The sum of two numbers is 33. Their difference is 7. What are the two numbers?;5. Sally bought three chocolate bars and a;pack of gum and paid $1.75. Jake bought;two chocolate bars and four packs of gum and paid $2.00. Find the cost of a chocolate bar and the cost;of a pack of gum.;6. Adult tickets for a play cost $16 and;child tickets cost $6. If there were 25;people at a performance and the theater collected $260 from ticket sales, how;many adults and how many children attended the play?;7. Solve the system by substitution.;x + 3y;= ?4;2x + 2y;= ?8;8. The difference of two numbers is 36. The larger is 6 less than 4 times the;smaller. What are the two numbers?;9. The base of a ladder is 6 feet away from;the wall. The top of the ladder is 7;feet from the floor. Find the length of;the ladder to the nearest thousandth.;10. A company produces doll houses and sets of;doll furniture. The doll houses take 3;hours of labor to produce, and the furniture sets take 8 hours. The labor available is limited to 400 hours;per week, and the total production capacity is 100 items per week. Existing orders require that at least 20 doll;houses and 10 sets of furniture be produced per week. Write a system of inequalities representing;this situation, where x is the number of doll houses and y is the;number of furniture sets.;11. Evaluate, if possible.;12. Evaluate, if possible.;13. State whether is rational or;irrational.;14. State whether is rational or;irrational.;15. The area of a square is 83 cm2. Find the length of a side to the nearest;hundredth.;16. The time in seconds that it takes for an;object to fall from rest is given by, in which s is the distance fallen (in feet). Find the time required for an object to fall;from the ground from a building that is 800 feet high. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of;a second.;17. Simplify.;18. Simplify.;Assume x represents a positive real number.;19. Simplify.;20. Decide whether the following is written in;simplest form.;21. Simplify by combining like terms.;22. Simplify by combining like terms.;23. Find the perimeter of the triangle shown in;the figure. Write your answer in reduced;radical form.;24. Perform the indicated multiplication. Then;simplify.;25. Perform the indicated multiplication. Then simplify the radical expression.;26. Perform the indicated multiplication. Then simplify the radical expression.;27. Perform the indicated division. Rationalize the denominator, if necessary. Then, simplify.;28. Solve.


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