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Question;1. In a group of 700 people;must there be two who have the same first and last initials? Explain the;principle behind your answer.;2. Your desk drawer contains;3 yellow, 3 pink, and 3 blue highlighters. If you reach in and pull out;highlighters without looking, how many must you pull out to ensure that you;have at least 2 highlighters of the same color? Explain the principle behind;your answer.;3. How many dogs must you;have to ensure that at least two of the dogs were born in the same month? Explain;the principle behind your answer.;4. What are three commonly;used approaches to defining a sequence?;5. Give the next two terms;in the recursively defined sequence;Initial;conditions;x0 = 0 and x1 = 3;Recurrence;relation;6. Give the first four terms;of the recursively defined sequence dk = k(dk-1)2;for all integers k? 1, where d0 = 3;7. Calculate the first eight;terms of the following classic Fibonacci Sequence;8. Calculate the first eight;terms of the following Fibonacci Sequence;9. You invest $2,000 at an annual interest rate of 4% compounded;monthly. Calculate the total value of your investment (T) after the first;month.;10. Explain the exponential;smoothing calculations in Lesson 11 Table 5 of the online Course Content


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