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MA3110: Module 5 Chi Square and Anova




Question;MA3110: Module 5 Chi Square and AnovaExercise 5.2Chi Square ProceduresRead the following information and answer the corresponding questions:The following table contains data of region of birth and political party of the?rst 44 U.S. presidents. Thetable uses these abbreviations: F = Federalist, DR = Democratic-Republican, D = Democratic, W = Whig, R =Republican, U = Union, NE = Northeast, MW = Midwest, SO = South, WE = WestRegionPartyRegionPartyRegionPartySOFSORMWRNEFSOUNEDSODRMWRMWDSODRMWRSORSODRMWRNEDNEDRNERSODSODNEDWERNEDMWRMWRSOWNEDSODSOWMWRMWRSODNERNERSOWMWRSOD1MA3110: Module 5 Chi Square and AnovaExercise 5.2Chi Square ProceduresRegionPartyNEWNENERegionPartyRegionPartySODNERDMWRWEDDNER?What is the population under consideration??What are the two variables under consideration??Group the bivariate data for the variables ?birth region? and ?party? into a contingency table.?Find the conditional distributions of birth region by party and the marginal distribution of birthregion.?Find the conditional distributions of party by birth region and the marginal distribution of the party.?Does an association exist between the variables ?birth region? and ?party? for the U.S. presidents?Explain your answer.?What percentage of presidents are republicans??If no association existed between birth region and party, what percentage of presidents born in thesouth would be Republicans??In reality, what percentage of presidents born in the south are Republicans?Submission Requirements:?Submit the assignment in a Microsoft Word or Excel document.?The answer to each question should be supported with an appropriate rationale or the correctsteps.Evaluation Criteria:?Correctly answered each question?Included appropriate steps or rationale to determine the answer to each question2


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