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Maths Problem 2: Fencing a Backyard




Question;Problem 2: Fencing a BackyardSuppose that you need to fence a rectangular play area in your backyard for your child or pet. Further, suppose that you know the length must be 8 feet longer than the width. The back of your house will serve as one side of the fenced area. Note: The perimeter (distance around) of a general rectangle is P = 2L + 2W, and its area is A = L x W. In this situation, P = L + 2W.(Write the value of area chosen.) If your last name begins with the letter Choose an area that must be fenced in this range (in square feet) A?E 3,000?3,999 F?I 4,000?4,999 J?L 5,000?5,999 M?O 6,000?6,999 P?R 7,000?7,999 S?T 8,000?8,999 U?Z 9,000?9,999(Write the equation of the perimeter in terms of the length, L, only.)(Write the area equation in terms of the length, L, only.)(What can you observe about the characteristics of that quadratic area function? Will this quadratic function?s graph cross the horizontal axis? How do you know?)(Show all your work for finding both the length and the width of this rectangular fenced area.)(Show all your work for calculating the cost of the fence.)(Show all your work for calculating the cost per square foot of the fenced area.)(What observations and conclusions can you make about the results of them?)(List the intellipath Learning Nodes that were helpful with this assignment,)


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