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Business Maths Misc. Problems




Question;1: find the net price of a computer that lists at;$270 if a discount rate of 40% is offered.;2: calculate;the net price of 40 boxes of computer paper if the unit price is 13.36 and a;single trade discount rate of 30% is allowed.;3: one;manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with the list price;of 900 and a trade discount of 12/9/6;4:one;distributor lists ink jet printers with 360 dpi and six scalable fonts that can;print envelops, labels and transparencies for 188.06 with a trade discount;series of 10/10/15. another distributor lists the same brand and model at 215;with a trade discount series of 10/10/15 which is the better deal if all other;of the aspects of the deal such as shipping, time of availability, and warranty;are the same or equivalent. which one is the better deal.;5: one;distributor lists printer at 450 with a discount series of 15/11/16. another;distributor lists the same printer for 430 with a trade series of 11/11/6.;which is the better deal;6: a man;gets an invoice for with terms 4/10, 1/15 n/30 how much would he pay 8 days;after the invoice date.;7: a;director of accounts received a bill for 644 dated april 5th with sales terms;of 2/10, 1/15, n/30 what amount is due if the bill is paid between april 16th;and april 20th.;8: a man;is a payable officer for his company and must calculate cash discount before;Paying invoices. he is paying bills on june 16the with invoice date of the 10th;with terms 4/10, n/30. if the net price of the invoice is 1296.72 what is the;net amount the man would need to pay.;9: an;invoice of 950 is dated oct 15th and has sales terms of 3/10 ROG. the;merchandise arrives oct 20th how is due if the bill is paid on nov 4th.;10: a man;has an invoice for a complete computer system for 3967.34. the invoice shows;terms of 4/10, 3/15, n/30. he can afford to pay 2400 within 10days of the date;of the invoice the the balance in 30 days. how much should be created to the;account for the 2400 payment, how much is due?;11: cost;=55 markup=35 find the selling price.;12;cost=80 selling price 176 find the markup/find the rate of the markup based on;cost;13: belts;cost 4 and sell with a markup of 2.85 find the selling price of the belts;14: a;lamp costs 40 and marked up based on costs if the lamp sold for 100 what was;the percentage markup?;15;massager costs 8.50 if they are purchased in lots of 36 or more. the gift horse;shop buys 48 and sells 50% markup based on costs find the selling price of each;massager.;16;cost=34 selling price 40 find the rate of the markup based on the selling;price.;17: an;item sells for 32 and reduced to sell at 12. find the mark down amount and the;rate of that markdown.;18;selling price=900 reduced (new) price =600. find the markdown amount and the;rate of the markdown.;19: an;item sells for 5740 and costs 3420. what is the rate of the markup based on the;selling price? round to the nearest tenth percent.


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