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Question;Week 1 discussion;MyMathLab (graded);You will be making extensive use of MyMathLab (MML);to complete the assignments listed in order on the Course Schedule. The;help resources available inside the Homework questions and the Study Plan;exercises ought to be used in the following order: first Textbook;then Video or Animation (if available), then View an Example;and then Help Me Solve This.;a. How and when do you;plan to make use of the MML Study Plan?;b. Please choose at;least one of the other many help features and resources available in MML (e.g.;Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Sample Tests) and explain how you plan to;utilize that to help you to succeed.;c. If you have any math;questions as you start using MML, you can also ask them in this;forum, and help your classmates out by answering their questions. If you;do choose to ask a math question, a high quality question is one where you show;what you tried, explain what you were thinking, and say what the correct answer;was that you were unable to get.You can ask questions about any section that;you are working on.;The discussion is worth a total of 19;points this week. Posts are graded as follows;+5 points for each high quality post (you should have 3 or 4 posts per week);or +3 or +4 points for low or medium quality posts.;A high quality post adds something new to the discussion. You will get credit;for posts on MML, for questions of any kind, and for posts helping other;students with math. A post that just says, "me too" or "I;agree" without adding something new or saying what was helpful counts as 0;points.Please reply to other students whenever possible. For example, if you want;to talk about the MML "view an example," and someone else has already;talked about it, reply to their post, instead of starting a whole new thread.;+4 Points for posting by Wednesday at midnight.;Week 2;Simplification;and Solving (graded);We know that when;simplifying, we must follow the algebraic order of operations. The order of;operations is as follows. First, perform any operations containing parentheses.;If the parentheses are ?nested?, work from the inside out. Second, perform any;operations with exponents. Third, perform any operations involving;multiplication and division working from left to right. Finally, work;operations with addition and subtraction again from left to right.;On the other hand, when we solve an;equation, we go in the opposite of the order of operations! Watch my powerpoint;(attached here) on how and why!;For this discussion, please post at;least three times on one or more of the following topics:1. Set up and solve an equation, or simplify an expression. For each step;say why you are doing that step.;2. Responding to my thread on solving inequalities. If you are asking a question about or;solving an inequality, please post it in this thread, do not start a new;thread.;3. Respond to at least one other student's comment or question, or verify that;they have solved the equation or inequality correctly.;Remember that your first post should be before Wednesday at midnight.;Week 3 discussion;Algebra Concepts (graded);Communication is considered;an important component of mathematics education in order for deep learning to;occur. Choose a specific algebra concept that you think you understand well;and explain it in your own words. Then, present a math problem for your;classmates to solve making use of this concept.;Week;4;Math;Help (graded);Topic 1: math help. Free, live, online;tutoring and more is available from Smarthinking by clicking on ?Tutor Source?;under Course Home. Post your ideas for making good use of Smarthinking to help;you succeed in the course. Remember that you also have the new Professor Live,available;Wednesday and Thursday (Noon to 10 p.m. Central Time) and Saturday and Sunday;(Noon to 11:59 p.m. Central Time), via the Adobe Connect,;Please let us know if you've tried either one, and tell us your experiences;with it.;Topic 2 slope. This;week, we'll do two only two assignment sections, but they are pretty tough;ones! I've attached one powerpoint here, on slope, that should help. Please;take a look and comment;or ask questions on slope as needed.;Topic 3: equations;of lines and fractions. I will post a powerpoint about;equations of lines and fractions, for when you get to the second section for;the week. Please view the powerpoint and respond to my post with questions or;comments.;Week 5;Problem Solving (Graded);This week, you are studying for the second test;taking the test, then going on to the next two sections. I am again attaching a;powerpoint I hope will help (below this box).;Please discuss;1. Test taking strategies: how do you make use of the study plan in MML;tutoring, and other study strategies?;2. Solve an application (?word?) problem from the text, Homework, or Study Plan;showing all of your work. For each step, provide your reasoning. How did you;start? What prompted you to try a particular strategy? Did you try any other;strategies that did not work? How did you check your answer? Important reminders about the test and pretest;Take the;first attempt early in the week. This allows you to use the;study plan to review during the week. The study plan will give you;problems like the ones you got wrong, and can be accessed under course;home ("mystudyplan") above the week 1 tab, on the left side;of the page (not in MML, in ecollege, where we do our;discussions).;Review your;first attempt before trying a new attempt. To review what you got wrong;and to see the correct answers, click on "my gradebook,;on the left side of the page, above the week 1 tab (not;in MML, in ecollege, where we do our discussions).;The review;is set up to only allow you three attempts. If you don't pass it with an;80%, I will give you another attempt if you work the study plan;problems. Please work the study plan and review what you got wrong;before emailing me.;Week 6;Math;Mistakes (Graded);Choose a common mistake, or;a mistake you have made, doing an algebra problem. Show the incorrect method;explain why it does not work, and then show how to do it correctly.;Weel 7;Course;Objectives (Graded);Choose a Terminal Course;Objective (TCO) from the Syllabus that you?ve learned in the course and solve a;homework or Study Plan problem that relates to that TCO. Be sure to include the;TCO in your post.


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